Tyler's Home Video

Tyler's Home Video

Tylers rant in defense of COD Advanced Warfare

Tylers rant in defense of COD Advanced Warfare

 Tyler Crum is a special  member of the Golden Fingers. Tyler's genius stupidity keeps the guilds mood up. Exept when it is destructive. He is recommended to always stay under supervision. In summary, he is the stereotypical Call of Duty player.

Golden Fingers HistoryEdit

Tyler was away when the Golden Fingers were formed but, he still got a membership as soon as the guild was made. The Golden Fingers ran out of fingers so we gave him the palm. Which if anybody joins we will just come up with more parts of the hand


Name: Tyler Crum

Other names: Golden Palm, Majestic Owl, Chicken

Position: Golden Palm

Rank: Founder

Lifespan: 1999-Still Alive

Favorite Quote: I love Faginas -Tyler Crum

Beliefs: That he's black.

Favorite Game: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (yes I am aware that the game hasn't even came out yet)

Best Quality: His Stupidity

Worst Quality: His Stupidity