Sun stare

Sun stare

He can be quite but, fun to talk to. Abnormally strong. He doesn't even lift.

Golden Finger HistoryEdit

You could call the Golden Father if you want to. You know what I'm adding that to one of his Other names. He wanted to form a guild after, playing Skyrim. He tried calling the guild the Dark Brotherhood and then that switched to the Dark Legion. Angelo Martell came up with the name, "Golden Fingers."


Name: Jordan Feagan

Position: Goldan Middle

Rank: Founder

Other names: Gold Middle, King Thong, Flamethrower, (and the Golden Father)

Lifespan: 1999-Still Alive

Utility: Brute

Favorite Quality: Size

Least Favorite Quality: N/A

Favorite Quote: Shut the fuck up! -Annonymous