Angelo Martell is a very important member. He is the person who made the wiki and came up with the name, Golden Fingers. 

Gold Finger HistoryEdit

Before the Golden Fingers were made. The founders had to make a name. The best name that wasn't ripped off of Skyrim, was the Golden Fingers. Angelo thought of the name as a funny sexual reference and ddidn't expect any of the other members to even consider the name as a possibility. 


Name: Angelo M. Martell

Position: Index Finger

Rank: Founder

Other names: Golden Index, Puzzles, Angie, Tangelo

Lifespan: June 20, 1999-Still Alive

Utility: The Goldan Fingers' Political Representitive

Favorite Quality: Ability to attract attention without trying

Least Favorite Quality: Perception of Life

Favorite Quote: What you think, you become- Buddha